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Since 2004, the municipal administration, town council and the citizens of Ludwigsburg have been addressing questions about the future in various areas of activity in a three-phase process of finalising the urban development concept (known in German as SEK). The foundation stones were laid by the municipal administration, as initiator and major driving force, together with the town council. Impulses from all areas of social life were incorporated in the involvement phase, which primarily took place in 2005. The events, each one leading on from the previous one (see figure), created a perceptible atmosphere of awakening: Ludwigsburg is playing a very active role in shaping its future!

The urban development concept process involved specifying the entire range of municipal challenges. The environment analysis first of all involved carrying out over 70 interviews with key people in Ludwigsburg to obtain a representative set of opinions. One of the aims of these interviews was to determine the frame of mind of people in the town (in other words whether the citizens of Ludwigsburg identify with their town). People were pleased to have been asked for their opinions and enjoyed the challenge of being involved in the urban development concept.

With the conclusion of the children and youth conference on 20th September 2005, the summer of discussion was transformed into the future conference, the “heart of public participation”. All proposals that had been made to date, experience and results, were incorporated into this three-day “town meeting” from 23rd to 25th September 2005 with its continuation on 31st March and 1st April 2006. The detailed and constructive reporting by the local media, the varied information on offer from the municipal administration as well as lots of personal discussions with citizens focused public attention on the concept long-term. More than 1000 men and women were involved in the events of the summer of discussion.




The process of finalising an urban development concept illustrated the scope of local government Urban development conceptopportunities and political challenges in a lot of areas for the first time. Ludwigsburg’s very own way of examining the situation, discussions with experts and the feedback to the citizens and the town council illustrated new perspectives. On 28th June 2006, the town council approved the principles and strategic objectives for urban development in eleven areas with an overwhelming majority. The principles describe a picture, a vision of the town with reference to topics signifi cant for local government. The strategic objectives derived from these are the way of realising this vision. The urban development concept is a starting point for addressing municipal tasks with clear objectives, priorities and farsightedness. It is the dynamic basis for the long-term development of Ludwigsburg. Together with forward-looking financial and budgetary planning, the process of the learning administration and the extension of intermunicipal cooperation, a whole new world of result-oriented steering is opening up for Ludwigsburg.

City Development Concept (PDF) (587.2 KiB)

Integrated Climate Protection and Energy Strategy for Ludwigsburg (PDF) (129.6 KiB)

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