A walk through the Ludwigsburg exhibitions and museums

The picturesque town Ludwigsburg is one of the few planned cities of the 18th century that still exist in Germany. Created on the drawing-board, the town was built according to the absolute will of Duke Eberhard Ludwig of Württemberg. Up to the 19th century the dominance of the Court not only characterized the architecture but also the culture of the town.

Nowadays Ludwigsburg has freed itself from the courtly constraints. Today, the culture and the museums of the town are characterized by experimental art, multimedia shows and modern exhibitions. Even internationally renowned artists come to Ludwigsburg to present their latest work.

However, apart from all the new age culture, the spirit of Ludwig and the charm of the past is still visible in the extensive historical collections.

Ludwigsburg Museum

The Ludwigsburg Museum at the new MIK is well worth visiting.The Baroque building with its modern annexes serves as a stunning backdrop for an exhibition documenting more than 300 years …


Dorfmuseum Poppenweiler

Farm equipment and machines as well as a lot of everyday stuff draw a clear picture of the hard country life in the 19th century.


The Prison Museum

Ludwigsburg had the first and for a long time the only prison in the entire state. The Prison Museum gives its visitors a vivid display of many original exhibits ranging from fully furnished …


The Kuhländer Archives

Located at Stuttgarter Straße 62 (Stuttgarter Torhaus), the archives house extensive records of the history and life in "Kuhländchen", an area in Sudetenland, of which …


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