Gatehouses - "Torhäuser"


The six historical gate buildings of the city Ludwigsburg belonged to the city wall built between 1758 and 1760 under duke Carl Eugen and formed the exits of the city. After an extensive redevelopment in the year 2004 the gate buildings now serve as museums, archives and showrooms.


Stuttgarter Torhaus
Stuttgart gate buildings accommodates the Kuhländler archives.

Schorndorfer Torhaus
In the Schorndorfer gate building the federal archives present the exhibition “the investigators of Ludwigsburg”.

Pflugfelder Torhaus
The exhibitions show the industrial development of Ludwigsburg and also focus upon the future development of technology, industry and society.


Heilbronner Torhaus
The citizen association of the lower city - in co-operation with the city museum - shows an exhibition of old handicraft culture in Ludwigsburg.

Asperger Torhaus
In the Asperger gate building the military-historical society of Ludwigsburg established a museum for the military history of Ludwigsburg. The exhibition dedicates itself in particular to the many mutual relations between the citizens and the garrison.

Aldinger Torhaus
In the Aldinger gate building the film academy of Baden-Wuerttemberg shows exhibitions and installations on the topic media. In addition the academy set up a "film house" for children there.


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