Ludwigsburger Pferdemarkt - 15-18 May 2020

The traditional Ludwigsburg Horse Market has a long history: the first horse market in Ludwigsburg was ordered by decree on a whim of the founder Duke Eberhard Ludwig and first took place in May 1731. However much has changed since that first official horse market.


Today the horse market has turned into a large town festival which attracts many visitors. Every part of the city centre offers various activities, such as an arts- and crafts- market, a children's festival and a variety of different performances. On top of that there are longer shopping hours on Saturday.

The funfair with a beer tent and live music, the market and the horse show take place on the Bärenwiese. A large carriage show attracts guests to the southern gardens of the Blühendes Barock on Saturday.

The procession on Sunday is one of the traditional highlights of the Ludwigsburg Horse Market. Please contact us if you would like to have more information. We would be glad to send you a comprehensive programme about the Horse Market.

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