Ludwigsburg Sights


Historical Town Centre

The historical town centre has a variety of attractions to offer. Theodore Heuss called the market square with its arcades and two baroque churches "the proudest square that …


The Residential Palace

Built between 1704 an 1733 during the rule of Duke Eberhard Ludwig, the Residential Palace is one of the greatest German baroque palaces still around today: it has got 452 rooms …


The Monrepos Lakeside Palace

This is the former hunting lodge of Duke Eberhard Ludwig which was expanded upon Duke Carl Eugen unpleted during the reign of King Friedrich I of Wurttemberg. It is …


The hunting lodge and summer residence Favorite Palace

Favorite is just a few minutes walk from the Residential Palace and was built between 1713 and 1723 by Duke Eberhard Ludwig for his mistress Wilhelmine von …


The garden show Blooming Baroque and the Fairy-Tale Garden

The very beautiful gardens around the residential palace make a trip to Ludwigsburg unforgettable. Garden art from various eras and regions is …


Fairy-Tale Garden

There is also something for the little ones: the fantastic magical world with more than 30 fairytale scenes, which tell about secret beings in a fabulous world.
Where does the frog prince …


Museums in the Residential Palace

The spirit of the former dukes and kings and the charm of the past is still visible in the extensive historical collections. Take your time to visit them:


Gatehouses - "Torhäuser"

The six historical gate buildings of the city Ludwigsburg belonged to the city wall built between 1758 and 1760 under duke Carl Eugen and formed the exits of the city. After an extensive …


A walk through the Ludwigsburg exhibitions and museums

The picturesque town Ludwigsburg is one of the few planned cities of the 18th century that still exist in Germany. Created on the drawing-board, the …


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Tourist Information
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