Venezianische Messe Ludwigsburg

11-13 September 2020


This wonderful tradition which was introduced by Duke Carl Eugen in 1768 has been recovered with great success in 1993. A touch of Venice in the middle of Germany: A true feast for the senses. Colourful costumes and masks everywhere, a fantastic mix of acrobatics, music, theatre, fire magic, buffoonery, dance and song: For three days, the Venetian Fair transforms Ludwigsburg's market square into a magical dream world. 

The masquerade procession through the city centre and the parade across the gondola landing stage show the costumes in all their splendour: gold-embroide-red silk gowns next to bizzare avant-garde ensembles. On several stages, international and national groups present dazzling and diveres performances.

At the colouful arts and crafts market held throughout the festival, Venetian peddlers offer their traditional wares: masks and fabrics, Murano glass, hand-crafted carvings and jewellery.


We will be glad to provide you with further information about this festival. Please contact our Tourist Information.


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