City of Media and Baroque Palaces

The city of Ludwigsburg has many different faces. It is the county seat of local government and has about 91,000 inhabitants spread over seven suburbs. Ludwigsburg is one of the most prosperous economic centres in the state. It is home to 50 factories, 1200 craft-oriented and commercial companies and over 2000 wholesale and retail outlets. Accomodating a teachers' training college, the University of applied sciences and the only film academy of the state, Ludwigsburg is also a centre of education and media. The greatest and best-preserved baroque palace in Germany is also situated in Ludwigsburg. The city is said to be the cradle of Swabian poetry and in the past the kings of Württemberg resided here.

Founded in the early 18th century, Ludwigsburg today is a place where history and the present meet. Magnificent castles, romantic gardens, bustling shopping streets and sensational festivals are waiting to be explored. An integral part of the city’s unique charm is its outstanding and diverse cultural scene. Home to numerous cultural institutions, Ludwigsburg is widely known as a city of films and festivals. Come and experience the city’s incomparable flair!

Treten Sie ein in das »Deutsche Versailles«! Die größte original erhaltene Barockschlossanlage Deutschlands bietet beeindruckende Einblicke in das höfische Leben des 18. Jahrhunderts. Die prunkvollen Räume des Residenzschlosses sind geprägt von 3 Epochen:
Kommen Sie mit uns auf einen Streifzug durch herrschaftliche Prunkräume vom üppigen Barock über verspieltes Rokoko zum eleganten Klassizismus. Anschließend führt Sie eine Stadtführung durch Jahrhunderte bewegter Geschichte Ludwigsburgs.
Erkunden Sie mit uns ehemalige Handwerkergassen und bedeutende Bauten der Stadtgeschichte Ludwigsburgs. Natürlich darf auch bei dieser Führung der Marktplatz im Herzen der Barockstadt nicht fehlen.

English guided tour: Duke Carl Eugen and the Venetian Fair
How did the Venetian Fair come to Ludwigsburg from Italy in the year 1768? Our guided tour tells you of the origins of this historical and unusual event, which in 2018 celebrates its 250th jubilee. You'll hear all about Duke Carl Eugen, Württemberg's most flamboyant regent, his visits to Italy and how he was captivated by this magical masquerade. A special experience: at the end of the guided tour you can go straight to the heart of the action and enjoy the Venetian Fair with its magnificent costumes and splendid masks at first hand. A feast for the senses that's definitely not to be missed!

For the Venetian Fair you require a valid admission ticket!
Guide: Andrea Fink
Price: 10.00 € per person
Meeting point: well on the marketplace
Duration: about 60 minutes

Termine 2020  
Deutschsprachige Führungen English guided tour
Samstag, 12. September 10.00 Uhr - Achtung: aufgrund der Corona-Epidemie findet diese Führung nicht statt Saturday, 12 September 12 noon - cancelled due to corona virus desease
Sonntag, 13. September 12.00 Uhr - Achtung: aufgrund der Corona-Epidemie findet diese Führung nicht statt  

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